June Luxe Box Unboxing!

Summer Trippin_001.jpg

The second month of this fast spread Luxe Box has come to us at last! I dropped the ball on the first unveiling of it, I was FAR too excited playing with all the hairstyles and clothes, not to mention Scarlet Creative home. This month, we’ve had Lamb hairs join! A GORGEOUS summer hairstyle if i might add. Not to mention this bikini by Foxes, the tassels on the bottom part is changeable, so you can mix and match EVERYTHING! Heres the coolest part though….ready?…..THE REIGN HEELS, LOOK AT THEM, they made a hud JUST to match the colors that Foxes uses in their release, they also made a separate one for the Blueberry release! How great is that! So convenient! MishMish also made us little ice cream buddies! Ill say if they werent so cute, youd eat them up! Before I wrap this up…I cant even begin to explain the skybox Scarlet Creative released, along with the poolside furniture from Tarte. They compliment each other wonderfully and the anims on the furniture are so smooth! However, this whole concept of the picture couldnt be done without Fashiowls hilarious and entertaining poses. This one though, youll have to wait and grab it at Gen-Neutral.





Foxes – Tassle Kinis – Luxebox June ❤
REIGN.- ESTEE HEELS- Luxebox June ❤
Lamb. Prove It – Luxebox June ❤

tarte. mina poolside collection Luxebox June ❤
Scarlet Creative Alaouite Skybox Luxebox June ❤
MishMish – Beary Ice Cream Luxebox June ❤
Foxes – Urban Fallout – Hound

= Fashiowl Poses = Lazy Cats @GENNEUTRAL JUNE16


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