Calm Nature

The cottage garden;
Most for use designed
Yet not of beauty destitute.

-Charlotte Smith

Garden House_001.png

I normally do posts on fashion or rp clothes, but there is something so captivating about this Scarlett Creative house at Collab88 this month. It’s so peaceful and serene. The doe couple out front reminds me of nature’s tranquility and just adds that extra calm feeling. There’s so many good spring pieces coming about in events that have been popping up this year!

As Always,



uk – May Flower Fence Colors Set@SeasonsStory Apr16
~silentsparrow~ Green – Paper Plants Set @SeasonsStory Apr16
+Half-Deer+ Cat Lady Garden Set @SeasonsStory Apr16
Frayed Knot Antique Birdcage and corner Set
Fawny – Forest Does – Couple @Collab88 Apr16
tarte. watering can light @Collab88 Apr16
Scarlet Creative Greenlily Cottage @Collab88 Apr16
LISP – Rabbit Rockers Traditional & Modern @Collab88 Apr16


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