Into the Woods

Secret Garden_001.png

Ladies and Gents…its that time again! Collab88 has opened its doors for the month of March! So many exciting new things to get your grabby hands on! the Spring theme will make you feel ready to come crawling out of your cold slumber! I fell in love INSTANTLY with the garden gateway by vespertine that I HAD to get my hands on it! This round of Collab definitely made me smile with so many fresh ideas from these amazing designers! This month seems to be getting better as Pose Fair is opening soon! So many great poses by Fashiowl that will make you want to get them all!


Birdy. Hoggy @Collab88 Mar16
[Atomic] Footwear @Collab88 Mar16
ISON – dahlia dress @Collab88 Mar16
Doe: Byrdie @Collab88 Mar16

tarte. garden swing @Collab88 Mar16
+Half-Deer+ Secret Garden Bunnies @Collab88 Mar16
floorplan. ivy ampersand @Collab88 Mar16
{vespertine}- rosemary garden gateway @Collab88 Mar16.
HPMD* Garden Tree @Mainstore
[we’re CLOSED] grass @Mainstore
Skye Enchanted Tree Tunnel @Mainstore

= Fashiowl Poses = Luna @PoseFair Mar16




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